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Any question about Mac keyboard shortcuts symbols — such as how to type copyright symbol on Mac? — would be met with a guiding response. And all you have to do to start Lacona is press Option + Space. So there are a lot of things your Mac is capable of that you might have not even considered before. With regards to symbols and. Typing accents on a Mac keyboard. If you are trying to type accents on an English keyboard if can be a bit daunting - if you are using a keyboard that's designed for that language it will be. I know where it's @ - but how to type it? Thread starter c-Row; Start date Sep 17, 2006; Sort (Likes) Forums. Macs. Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac. c-Row macrumors 65816. Original poster. Jan 10, 2006 1,194 1 Germany. Sep 17, 2006 #1 Installed Bootcamp on my shiny MBP - everything is fine so far. I just didn't figure out yet how to type the @ symbol? Alt Gr + Q doesn't work of course. I have a macbook pro model 2,2 I found a way to map the 3rd symbol easily. In ubuntu 12.04, in system setting -> keyboard configuration, choose options, there is a option called 3rd level (in spanish Tecla para seleccionar el 3er nivel), I chose the numeric intro that is the right key beside the right mac cmd key, and there you have it presing that key plus 2 I get the at symbol Specify a keyboard type on Mac. When you connect a keyboard that is not immediately recognized, Keyboard Setup Assistant automatically opens so that you can specify the keyboard type. macOS recognizes three keyboard types: ANSI, JIS (Japan), and ISO (Europe). The ANSI keyboard is a standard 101-key layout widely used in North America and many other parts of the world. If you're having.

Mac keyboard shortcuts. By pressing certain key combinations, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device. To use a keyboard shortcut, press and hold one or more modifier keys and then press the last key of the shortcut. For example, to use Command-C (copy), press and hold the Command key, then the C key, then release both keys. Mac menus and keyboards often. ever wanted to write the apple logo or random symbols on your mac keyboard, well now you can. ƒ¥₣₣ ℬµ⊈∝∟∛ and others apple symbol: alt+shift+k= hashtag: alt+3= # all other symbols.

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Mac OS has a rather useful built-in utility called the Keyboard Viewer - an onscreen keyboard that displays many of the possible symbols. To Activate the Keyboard Viewer: 1. Open System Preferences-> Keyboard. 2. Tick the box labelled Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu ba The PC-keyboard equivalent of Alt on a Mac is called the Option key, and you'll find the Option Key on your Mac if you go two keys to the left of the spacebar. However, the option key on a Mac keyboard is used in a different way than the alt key on a Windows PC. In terms of functionality, the alt key in Windows is often more comparable with the Command key than with the Option key on a Mac. Mac keyboards don't have a # ('hash' for the UK, or 'pound' if you're American) key, which is a bit of a problem when you want to type a # symbol. The lack of a dedicated key doesn't mean you can't type the symbol, though - just type [Alt] + [3] or [⌥] + [3] (depending on your keyboard) and the # symbol will appear How to type French accents using normal QWERTY keyboard with English layout If however you'd like to simply use the normal QWERTY layout but be able to type French accents when needed, this can be done using your Mac's option modifier key

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Here's how to type symbols and accented letters on your Mac or PC By Arif Bacchus April 14, 2020 Emojis brings an element of fun and imagination to the texting experience, but what if you're on How to Quickly Type Special Characters on Mac: Get the Most Out of Mac Keyboard. Typing a special character on the Mac is easy and also quick. Just follow these simple steps mentioned in the article, and you'll get all available special character at your disposal. By. Jignesh Padhiyar-April 19, 2019 7:05 pm. As far as the make and comfort of Mac keyboard is concerned, it is just perfect. What. How to Type Accents on Mac the Easy Way. If you'd rather see every possible accent and diacritic mark laid out before you, the best solution is to use the special character viewer in Mac OS as described here, which lets you browse all accented latin characters as well as other special characters that are available.. Typing Diacritical Marks and Accents on a Mac Keyboard with Keystroke How to Make Symbols on a Mac. Your Mac's special characters are a boon to translators, mathematicians, and other people who are too cool to use :) as an emoji. Keyboard shortcuts and the Edit → Special Characters menu should be enough..

How to Type Symbols Using the ALT Key. In Windows, the key combined with numeric codes can access characters that aren't readily available on a normal keyboard. While Alt codes don't exist on Mac computers, there are a variety of Option.. On a Japanese keyboard type: Option + ¥ (the symbol to the left of the delete key). More Less. Aug 30, 2016 9:41 PM Reply Helpful (2) Thread reply - more options. Link to this Post; User profile for user: JEL888 JEL888 User level: Level 1 (38 points) macOS Speciality level out of ten: 1. Sep 9, 2016 9:46 AM in response to mikaelfromkøge In response to mikaelfromkøge For AZERTY (French. The @ symbol, pronounced at, is widely used on the internet, especially in email addresses.There are various way to type it on a laptop. However the exact keys that you must press to create the @ symbol, will vary depending on your operating system (Windows or Mac), the configuration language of your keyboard and whether or not your laptop has a numeric keypad Many people ask how to enter Greek on their Macs. This video shows how to enable the Greek input method in OS X, as well as how to view the keyboard while you type so you can learn the Greek layout

MacBook keyboard has few distinctive sections: Function keys (in light blue), which provides access to various functions in MacBook itself or Mac OS system. By combining them with the FN key, you'll get access to F1 - F12 keys, which can be associated with particular application features (useful in Photoshop for example) How to Type: 5 Tips for Faster Typing. Learn to touch type. If you don't know how to touch type, this is where you need to start. Having the ability to type without looking at the keyboard is the most important factor in achieving a fast typing speed. Even if you have memorized many of the keys, unfamiliar keys will slow you down just like speed bumps on the freeway. Taking your eyes off the. If you'd like to just type accents on your computer with your current keyboard then you can just follow the directions below Standard French Keyboard on a Mac How to Type French Accents on a Mac. For Accent Aigu (é) Press the option key + the letter e key. Release both keys at the same time. Then press just the e key The Mac option key allows users to easily type most foreign letters and symbols on a standard English-language Apple keyboard. But how do you know which option + combination will produce which letter? After you get past the easy ones (option + u + a = ä), how do you discover the others? In Mac OS X you can use the Character Palette. To view the Character Palette you click on the Edit. Now with my new International keyboard, the layout is very different, missing accents and other special character (which is ok since I use that keyboard only for development on my mac) but I am facing the issue that I need to type in the tilde character very often, and I don't have any clue on how to type it in in a simple way

Unfortunately, most keyboards don't allow you to type various symbols such as theta so to type it, you need to use different codes or the character map on your Windows or Mac PC. Microsoft Programs. If you're on Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can type the theta symbol using an Alt + X code. This can be used if you have a keyboard that doesn't have a number. In this article I will share how you can type some of the most commonly used yet hidden symbols via keyboard shortcuts, and also discuss how users can discover additional Mac special characters. So read on to learn how you can use the evasive Mac keyboard symbols that you have always wanted to use and could never find on your keyboard This article will explain to you, step-by-step, how to type all of the different French accents on your MacBook Pro - and although the article was written for MacBook Pro users you can type French accents the same way on most modern Macintosh computers running macOS or OSX. Some people prefer a physical keyboard cover for their Macbook. How to use a Mac keyboard with a Windows PC If you want to install Windows on your Mac or buy a new PC, here's how to keep and use your Apple keyboard By Martyn Casserly , Contributo

Macs can use nearly all keyboards built for Windows PC, whether they are USB or Bluetooth, but you may notice that the layout of some of the modifier keys are different on a Mac keyboard from the layout of a Windows keyboard. Specifically, the WINDOWS and ALT key of a Windows keyboard are switched compared to the Mac keyboard layout of OPTION/ALT and COMMAND keys. This can lead to erroneous. How to type ° Degree symbol in Mac - Degree is one of the most used symbols in engineering, science and mathematics. It is even used to measure the temperature as well. But we don't normally find Degree symbol on the keyboard we use. So in this article, I'll let you know how to type degree symbol on your mac laptop How To Type @ On Macs; Here's how to type a hash on a Mac keyboard. 1. On US Apple keyboards, hold down the Shift key and press the number 3 key. You'll see the hash symbol above the number 3 key on your keyboard. 2. If you're using a UK or European Apple keyboard, hold down the Option key (also known as the Alt key) and press the number. Infinity Symbol ∞ from keyboard copy and paste Text meaning; Checkmark Symbol - How to Insert in Excel, word & mac; Delta symbol - how to type in word Insert delta Δ δ and difference sign ∆ Heart symbol Text - love Heart emoji ♡ ♥ ღ copy paste; Trademark symbol ® | How to type Registered Trademark symbol alt cod

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You have to be familiar enough with their keyboard to be able to touch-type it, though I'm sure there are pictures/maps online. level 2 . 4 points · 5 years ago. Except the German keyboard layout on Mac's is pretty terrible imho. The square brackets or even a backslash are not even printed on it afair (although available through some combination that's less straight forward), and I kinda use. a³ Mac OS appends the Emoji & Symbols menu (this used to be named Special Characters) to the Edit menu in every app. This gives you access to all unicode characters if you don't know how to type them. In this case searching for superscript w.. There's another way to type accents on the Mac and some people find it much easier. Simply press and hold the letter you want to accent and a pop-over menu will appear showing the options. So, e. A tilde diacritical mark is a small wavy line that appears over certain consonants and vowels. The mark is commonly used in Spanish and Portuguese. For example, to type the word mañana, meaning tomorrow, in Spanish, using a PC with a number pad on the keyboard, you'll type a number code to get the tilde mark over the n.On a Mac, it is a little easier Typing Arabic on Mac How to enable the Arabic keyboard on Mac. All OS X versions are able to display Arabic perfectly fine. However, if you wish to type in Arabic you must enable an Arabic keyboard layout.. Doing so is simple

There were a lot of users with a Mac keyboard not working, and if they hadn't taken action this fix would cost hundreds of dollars. Part of the problem is that it isn't simply a matter of replacing a single key on the butterfly keyboard — the entire MacBook keyboard has to be replaced, making it a fairly significant repair job At least five keys have different names or symbols on a Windows keyboard than they do on a Mac keyboard, which can make it difficult to follow Mac-related instructions. For example, a software manual may tell you to hold down the command key ( ⌘ ), which appears to be missing from your Windows keyboard. It's there; it just looks a little different The best way to see the options for special characters in macOS is to use the Keyboard Viewer. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard and select the Keyboard tab, then check the box that says Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar (formerly Show Keyboard & Character Viewer in menu bar). Now in your menu bar you can select the Keyboard.

Now search for [Keyboard] and click on it; Choose [Input Sources] On the left side of that window, you can now see which Input Sources have already been installed/enabled on your Mac. You can now add new input methods to that list, by clicking on the [Small Plus Symbol] that you can find below the list. If you are clicking on the [Minus Symbol], you can simply remove items from that list. Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization that focuses on standardizing the language inputs. There are many Unicode blocks for special symbols and characters that you can't type using standard English keyboard layout. In this article, let us explain how to change the input method in Mac to Unicode Hex Input and insert the Unicode characters Learn how to type trademark and registered symbols in Windows and Mac using alt code, symbols utility, emoji keyboard and Character Viewer app The Keyboard Viewer allows you to use a virtual keyboard instead of the physical one attached to your Mac to input characters in another language as if you were using a native keyboard layout. When the Keyboard Viewer is shown, you can click on any of the virtual keys to insert that particular character in the same way as if you had typed it with a physical key. For reference, this entire. Normally what I end up doing is I type two consecutive hyphens --and hit the Space key, which then ends up replacing the two hyphens with the long dash. However, when posting articles in browser-based editors this doesn't always work — such as with the post editor here — so I have to type the double hyphen + Space elsewhere, like in a dummy email, copy the long dash from there and paste it.

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  1. This tutorial shows you how to type accents on a Mac keyboard. Holding down the letter. The quickest and easiest way to insert an accent is by holding down the letter you need to accent. For example, if you hold down the letter E on your keyboard, you will see a pop-up appear with the accent options. Then, either use your trackpad or mouse to make your selection, or type the corresponding.
  2. In this piece, we'll show you how you can use Mobile Mouse Remote to type or perform keyboard commands on your Mac or PC directly from your iPhone or iPad. Using your iPhone or iPad as a keyboard for your computer . Using your iOS device as a keyboard for your Mac or PC can be super handy. A few of the scenarios I can think of right off the bat are: When presenting on a larger screen or.
  3. I think you can force the apostrophe key to type a true apostrophe by disabling smart quotes. This can be done on a per-application basis by going to Edit > Substitutions, or it can be applied system-wide via System Preferences > Keyboard > Text. This assumes macOS 10.12.1 and compliant applications
  4. But there is no heart symbol key on the keyboard. So how do you type one? Just follow these simple instructions for Windows and Macintosh computers. Windows: Press and hold the Alt key, then press 3 on the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. This will insert the heart symbol (♥)
  5. How to Install Arabic Keyboard for Mac. Apple has added enough languages in the MacOS and all the keyboards also are pre-installed. By default, Keyboard on most of the Mac machines come with the English (US) Layout. However, you still can use your physical English layout keyboard to type in Arabic. To do so, follow the below steps
  6. copyright symbol. The symbol indicates that a specific work (text, photography,painting, etc.) is protected by copyright, ie that the author has the right to be indicated as the owner of that work
  7. It's pretty easy to do. I'll show you how. Setup the Command Key on a Windows Keyboard. Plug your keyboard into the USB port on your Mac, Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, or whatever you've.

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If you're after a more permanent solution for Windows, prepare to dust off your keyboard's number pad - or to click through multiple windows - to produce a check mark. If you're working in Microsoft Office and are the proud owner of a number pad, select the Windings font from the dropdown, hold down Alt and type 0252 into the right-hand number pad If you have an older Mac keyboard, or if you bought your laptop in a different country than the language you write in, chances are you may be missing some of the special characters or brackets that are often needed while working.While this can be annoying, there are some keyboard shortcuts that you can use to insert the open and closed brackets as needed Push Command+Control+Spacebar to bring up the Character Palette. There is a collection of arrows to choose from. You can copy-and-paste, or just double-click to 'type' that character. Keep in mind, these symbols are Unicode characters. They will. Many words in Italian need accent marks, and while you could just ignore all those symbols, it's actually quite easy to type them on a computer keyboard. You only need to make a few simple adjustments to your computer's keyboard program—whether you have a Mac or a PC—and you'll be able to insert accented Italian characters (è, é, ò, à, ù) for any electronic message

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The Apple Mac keyboard is one of the best that you can buy. Its flat responsive keys make it quick to type on, while its slim and attractive finish means it looks great and doesn't need a lot of room Typing the at sign, or @, differs based on the keyboard you're using. However, not all Spanish keyboards are the same! While many of them are QWERTY configurations, the extra symbols are placed on different keys. Check out the different ways to type the at sign on a Spanish keyboard: If @ is on the same key as the 2 key

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  1. How to type Scands (å, ä, ö, aka The Three Little Pigs) on your default United States English keyboard and the Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish Å, Ä, Ö, œ, Œ, æ, Æ, ø, Ø
  2. How to Type in Hindi on a Mac Typing in Devanāgarī (the Hindi script) on your Mac computer is simple to set up and relatively easy to master. Here I'll walk you through how to enable a Devanāgarī keyboard layout, how to conveniently switch between keyboards, and finally what software to use for writing in Hindi
  3. How to use emoji on Mac; How to add the emoji picker to the Menu bar; How to use emoji on Mac. Position the cursor in any text field you'd like to insert an emoji, like posting a tweet for example. Use the keyboard shortcut Command - Control - Spacebar to access emoji. Double-click the emoji you'd like to use and it'll be inserted where you.
  4. Xcode/Mac: keyboard shortcut to type the OR sign || (double vertical bar)? Ask Question Asked 9 years ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 55k times 12. 1. Each time I have to copy paste || from elsewhere when I want to type the double vertical bar of the OR sign. Is there a keyboard shortcut to type it? xcode macos keyboard-shortcuts. share | improve this question | follow.
  5. How do you type squared on a Mac? The characters menu that is activated with ctrl+cmd+space allows access to a superscript 2 or square root symbol (²). Check if the Digits — All category isn't in the left-hand column, click the gear icon, then select this category — adding it to the list
  6. How to type trademark symbol on Mac: If you want to add the 'tm' symbol on your mac, you simply need to follow these steps: Step 1: Open a word document. You can also launch notepad, or any other application that lets you write freely, and also supports symbols. Step 2: Click on the text that you want to insert 'tm' symbol in. Make sure to click after the text, not before it. Step 3.

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On Mac, the default is different. To type numbers, you must stay press the SHIFT key. Press the caps lock key once will only allow you to type uppercase letters but not of type numbers. In order to restore the same operating under Windows, go to System preferences => Keyboard => Input methods keyboard, press the small sign + and add French - digital. Now you can type numbers with the caps. How to Type Hidden Mac Keyboard Symbols - PC - learn how you can use the evasive Mac keyboard symbols that you have always want to use and could never Every keyboard around the world all are similar, as well Mac keyboard looks the same as every other keyboard except the command and option buttons, it comes packed with a plethora of hidden symbols that users can make use of

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Choose Show Keyboard Viewer from the Input menu on the right side of the menu bar (the one that looks like a flag). Now, depending on the language you select, a flag will be in the menu bar. Whenever you want to type a special character, click the flag and select Show Keyboard Viewer Bonus, I will also let you know how to type the degree symbol on your Mac! How To Type The Degree Symbol in iOS This shortcut works the same for both iPhone and iPad. Here is what you have to do: 1. Grab your iOS device and bring up the stock keyboard. It doesn't matter if you want to write a note, text someone, chat on Messenger and so on. 2 And if you do not have a keyboard with you (maybe in an emergency) but you need it to be used on your phone/tablet, check out the full-size keyboard apps on the Play Store. So this was our five ways to use your Mac/PC keyboard on your Android device and get the most out of your productive time. What do you use? Did we miss anything? Let us know. Read more: How to Make Slideshows with Finder on Mac? How to Type Emoji in macOS via Keyboard Shortcut. Next, we will be taking a look on how to open the emoji keyboard in macOS with a shortcut. This is one of the quickest ways to use an emoji in your messages, you can quickly open the emoji keyboard on Mac by following the steps below

To type accents on Mac, you need to hold the option key and then click on a certain letter. This will produce a stand-alone accent symbol. Then you can just type the letter to which you want to append the accent symbol, and your computer will automatically assign the accent to the letter. How to Type Accents on Mac for the Spanish Language. Here is a list of key combinations that allow you to. At first glance, a Mac keyboard doesn't really show any difference from other keyboards we use daily. Aside from a couple of Mac-only keys (e.g. Command, option keys) you wouldn't really think there's something more. Well, in this article, you'll find out that beneath the regular exterior there are fun and interesting things you can do with a Mac keyboard. From the iconic apple symbol. No fancy French keyboard required and no settings to switch. This stuff is built into your Macbook. How else could I write articles here or type French papers with such ease? THE TWO CRUCIAL STEPS. There are two steps required to type French accents on your mac device. First, you must hold down the option key and then click on a certain letter.

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  1. Typeeto - iOS keyboard app that turns Mac keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Bluetooth keyboard for Android and Windows gadgets. With this Mac Bluetooth keyboard app you can type on all gadgets that support Bluetooth connection from Mac or MacBook
  2. The US Mac keyboard layout is identical to the layout of the same name in Mac OS X, allowing you to type accents and special characters for foreign languages using easy-to-memorize keyboard.
  3. Every keyboard for a Mac, Windows or other OS has the ability to create the vertical line symbol and, regardless of the keyboard you are using, the key for this symbol is in the same location. If you want to create a vertical line with your keyboard, you can do so in a few simple steps

‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about KeyWi Keyboard - Type faster on your device using your computer's keyboard. Download KeyWi Keyboard - Type faster on your device using your computer's keyboard and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Type 00d1 to insert an Ñ or 00f1 to insert an ñ. Press the space bar. II. How to type enye on a smartphone keyboard. A. How to type enye on an iPhone. Although iOS keyboards don't have a key for enye, you can quickly type this letter on your iPhone or iPad. Just tap and hold the N or n key. Then select Ñ or ñ from the row of letters that. If you have all manner of devices—iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, even Android—then you know that in order to easily type on them, you probably need a Bluetooth keyboard. But if you don't have a Bluetooth keyboard, a simple app lets you use the integrated keyboard on your MacBook with lots of other devices how to type OR sign on MAC (swedish keyboard) [closed] Ask Question Asked 6 years, 3 months ago. Active 6 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 3k times 0. Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers.. Now, simply pick which Emoji you'd like to type on your Mac and double-click on it. The emoji character is automatically inserted where your cursor was positioned. This little window that appears with all the Emojis in place also has a search bar at the top, so you can quickly locate the exact emoji you're looking for. With a simple press of three keys on your Mac keyboard, you can start.

Keyboard shortcut for copyright symbol ©. How to type copyright symbol on windows and mac, ms word, ms excel, notepad, linux, html, javascript, or plain tex Go ahead and type on the keyboard. The keys will have a different role to play. What if you no longer want to use a specific input option? You can easily remove it from your list. How to Remove Keyboard Layout on Mac. Step #1. Open System Preferences → Keyboard → Input Sources tab. Step #2

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  1. For some it's the MacBook keyboard that's not working, for others, it's the trackpad that's acting up. For a worrying number of people, the issue is with both. Worse still, the problem doesn't seem to be affecting a particular type of MacBook but both Pro and Air models from 2011 onwards. Get a Mac's Activity Monitoring Tool. See what's draining your battery, find hidden files.
  2. As a bonus, the Keyboard Viewer also highlights keys as you type them, if you ever wanted to visualize your physical typing on screen. This Mac 911 article is in response to a question submitted.
  3. Tech 101: How to Use a Windows Keyboard With Your Mac Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 | Author: If so, the Mac should then tell you the keyboard type. Usually, it will detect Microsoft keyboards as US Ansi types. If you see US Ansi, go ahead and confirm that as they type of keyboard. Tom. Reply . Michele @ 2:19 pm on May 19, 2019. Thank you for the simple, straightforward, non-video.
  4. How to type Chinese on MacOS - El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave, OSX Go to System Preferences... Choose Keyboard Choose Input Sources, then click + Select Chinese (Simplified) - Pinyin - Simplified then click Add Make sure Show Input menu in menu bar is checked. Use the language icon in menubar to switch modes. Typing in Chinese using Pinyi

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  1. Two Mac keyboard shortcuts for missing Home and End keys. Your Mac keyboard may lack Home and End keys, but you can jump to the beginning and end of documents, pages and apps with one of two.
  2. Virtually all computer keyboards use Roman characters, and while you can type Japanese using Romaji, there may be cases where you want to type in proper Japanese. Typing Kana characters on your Mac using your Roman keyboard is possible, however, it requires you to switch your keyboard language and interpret the Kana using Roman characters. So read on to find out how to do so! If you're still.
  3. Thankfully, Das Keyboard makes versions of its keyboards for both Windows and Mac users. For more on keyboards, be sure to have a look at Jeremy's keyboard roundup . What type of keyboard do you.
  4. 4 Ways To Type Superscript and Subscript On a Mac If you need to raise characters above or lower them below the baseline, you can do it one of four ways. This is typically used in mathematical equations and chemical formulas. You can use the baseline adjustments in many apps, special superscript and subscript characters, commonly-recognized.
  5. Keyboard language is uk. It works fine on my mac but when trying to use it under windows 7 in VM ware fusion it does not. It is a pain because I still have the windows version of Adobe CS4 which has dreamweaver which is where I want to use the hash key #. (can't afford to upgrade to mac version yet
  6. On my Mac, using a wireless keyboard with a US layout but with the British - PC layout selected in the settings, I can press the alt § key to get the | (pipe) symbol when I using TeamViewer to access my work PC
  7. Infinity symbol typing on mac. This website uses cookies to improve your experience, analyze traffic and display ads

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If you're wondering how to type French accents, we've got you covered! Whether you're a PC, Mac or Linux user, discover the easiest ways to type French accents on your computer. Plus, we'll throw in a few places where you can find online keyboards, as well as a review of the French accents and why they matter A Mac's keyboard layout just isn't quite right for Windows. Whether you're primarily a Windows user or primarily an OS X user, the layout doesn't feel quite right when you run Windows in Boot Camp — but you can fix that.. There are several possible ways you might want to rearrange these keyboard shortcuts depending on what you're used to

The Windows and Mac operating systems offer a Korean keyboard option, which you can implement in a few simple steps. With this feature activated, you can switch back and forth between English and Korean as you type, even at mid-sentence. Implementing this option changes little in your computer's user interface (the only difference you will notice is a tiny icon showing up in your taskbar. In the menu bar, select Tools > Customize keyboard; In the list to the left, select All Commands; In the list to the right, select Overtype; Place your cursor in the Press new keyboard shortcut field; Type an available key combination (Word will let you know if it's already in use, although you can override it) Macs have a Ctrl key for compatibility with programs that expect a more traditional keyboard layout. For example, a user with a Swedish keyboard who wishes to type more easily in German may switch to a functional layout intended for German - without regard to key markings - just as a Dvorak touch typist may choose a Dvorak layout regardless of the visual layout of the keyboard used.

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